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Stone Surrounds

Updated: May 15

In recent months we have seen that stone surrounds are becoming increasingly more popular and more and more customers are asking for something bespoke to them.

There are many designs, finishes, materials and details that can be chosen from and we know how easy it is to get lost in the many options there are, so we like to make is easier for you.

If you are unable to find something that is quite right out of the many different surrounds available from our suppliers and want something a bit like that one but without that detail and with a different material used, we will with you guidance design you something unique to you. We work closely with a local mason, who is able to craft the most intricate designs using local stones.

Here at fire BY DESIGN we are able to offer luxury surrounds from Chesneys, manufactured surrounds by Newmans and custom bespoke designs from our local mason.

We are currently expanding our portfolio on surrounds and are hoping to get more pictures on the website for you soon.

The stone available for surrounds are usually a limestone product as these are the best for shaping and moulding, We regularly provide Bathstone and Portland surrounds and here are a sample of a few we have created recently.


If you are looking for something specific or bespoke talk to us at fire BY DESIGN for more information

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