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Rais Woodburning and Gas Stoves

Updated: May 17

You know when you really find a connection with a brand you feel as though anything they create is going to be great. We feel this way about Rais. We have now all visited the Rais factory and have seen the work that goes into making these exquisite products.

The Rais Wood burning stove range is exceptional and has hit the UK market with just the right product at the right time.

Rais Viva L120

We all have a best seller in the range and for us the Rais Viva is head and shoulders above the rest. The detail in the mechanisms and the clean design expressing the element of class and wealth. These are not just your average stove. We have seen numbers increase but rightly so the budget is not their for all, exactly what Rais require.

The introduction of Gas into these popular appliances, was timed to perfection and has been a well received addition especially with the turmoil of the clean air strategy announcement over the past few months and the uncertainty of the future of wood. Though we know stoves will not be banned we cannot stop how the mind works and not a day goes by that I don’t speak to someone that is concerned about the future of wood burners.

So with this in mind the Gas market has exploded and we have seen many manufacturers increase their gas product range.

In recent months we have seen the introduction of the of the Rais QTEE 2 Gas Along with the exciting new built in gas fire range.

Rais Visio 90 T

Rais Visio 90 T

The Visio Gas comes in 3 sizes and then front face, tunnel, 2 sides and 3 sides allowing you to create the perfect fireplace for your living space.

The stigma behind gas fires is still there, that they cost too much to run or that the flame will not look real. It is part of our job to show you the benefits of having any fire in your home.

This is why, we are changing things again.  Our renewables showroom is now undergoing a huge renovation. We have removed the Kitchen area and the Pellet Cooker to create a new gas showroom. The team are in the process of building fireplaces, so we can showcase even more options to you the purchaser. Gas fires come with an element of ease and the added benefits of these having wifi connections, yep you read that right gas fires now have wifi connections meaning that you can control them from your home. You can turn on the appliance while you are on your way home so that you are welcomed with heat and glow. they can be thermostatically controlled or on a timer. so much like your boiler settings you can control when the fire comes on. But even if this is just too much to get your head around and you want a simpler solution. Most come with a remote so you light your stove at the touch of a button.

I will keep you updated on the progress as we go, giving you insights in to the products we are installing and anything new to hit the market to coincide with our exciting gas range, so remember to check back often and keep an eye on our Instagram for regular posted updates.

Until next time.


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