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Outside Living!

Updated: 6 days ago

With the weather slowly beginning to get warmer and the evenings lighter each day, more of us are starting to enjoy some time outside.

No matter where you are in the world, surrounded by bustling city noises or calm country sounds, being out side can help lower our blood pressure and relax.

I find that during the months of May through to late September, I actually get to spend quality time with the kids as it seems like not such a rush to get everything done. We will play a little cricket after dinner and sit out with a cup of tea until the sky begins to turn darker going through its various pallet of pinks and oranges. Unfortunately as the sun goes down and the sky grows darker there is still a chill in the air and having worked in a cosy showroom for a number of years now, I love to be warm.

Stoves are not just for the inside, there are some great products out there that can allow us all to spend a little more time outside and with the advantage of being able to cook or taking the stove away with us why not get yourselves a stunning fireplace for the outside.

The Rais outdoor living range has something for everyone, below are just a few of their products, visit us to discover more…

Rais Ra

A solid fireplace basin that reveals the fire in all its splendour. The basin is loosely placed in the ring, so that it can be adjusted horizontally, or slightly tilted upwind. A beautiful fireplace which would make its mark in many places. Produced in best quality – the raw steel has gone through an outdoor oxidation process: wind, temperature changes and rain have jointly created the beautiful, natural patina. Stands best on underlay of soil, stone or concrete.

Rais Gizeh

Rais Gizeh Outdoor living BBQ fire By Design

Sculptural outdoor BBQ or a fireplace for your garden or summer cottage.

Rais Square

Striking, decorative functionalism. Super practical grill with solid oak sides and room for dry firewood at your fingertips. Naturally patinated.

If this is not quite what you had in mind and are planning a camping trip how about the Harrie Leenders Faltovn.

Harrie Leenders Faltovn-caroussel

A good reason to go out into nature. That’s the Fältovn. A portable stove that offers warmth and atmosphere, and the ability to cook. Wherever you want.

With its 10 kg, the Fältovn is the perfect travelling partner. It is easy to carry anywhere and provides warmth and comfort. Whether at a campsite or out in the wild, outdoors or in a tipi tent.

Fältovn is a tribute to Lars Fält and to the outdoor life. It invites you to go adventuring, away from your smartphone and back to nature.

Visit us at Fire By Design to discover the ranges of outside living available, including Log Storage, Fire pits, Seating and dining furniture. There is something for everyone.

Until next time, get out side, go for a walk and have a moment to enjoy your surroundings away from the draws of modern technology.

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