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Updated: 6 days ago

We love when we get the call from a customer that is planning a project, New Build, Renovation or Extension. There is always scope for a wood burning stove, it is just how to achieve the desired look required.

We have recently carried out some installations of woodburning stoves into conservatories. The customer is looking of a way to use there new room all year long and to create a real cosy space in an area that is not always the warmest room in the house.

There is always something rewarding about creating someone’s vision and the realisation that we can is sometimes something that is un expected from the customer, an they actually ” It’s exactly as I had imagined it”.

Our Team were tasked last year with a Stuv fire which had been specified in the plans, with surround to go into a new project in Ringwood, Dorset. These types of installations are not classed as the everyday installation. There are often many people involved in the planning and there is always lots of discussions, between, architects, builders, client, us and manufacturers. To make sure the desired look and appliance is achievable.

This is what we did and I think it looks amazing….

Stuv 21.105 fire with SF2 Surround fireplace installers fire by design

Stuv 21/105 kin Grey with SF2 Surround also in Grey

Having an appliance like this takes lots of planning and takes a couple of days to install.

The Stuv 21/105

  1. Built-in appliance with sliding door

  2. Output adjustment

  3. Ability to connect to outside air

  4. Ability to channel the air

  5. Optional fan

  6. Available in two internal colours, light or dark

If you are looking for an appliance like this or want some advise on the type of appliance that would be right for you, Please contact our team for some help and guidance.

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