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New Clever Stoves from Rais.

Updated: 6 days ago

The Danish stove makers Rais have just launched some stunning new stoves. They are updated versions of the popular Viva 98 and Viva 120 wood burning stoves.

Introducing the new Viva L 100 and Viva L 120.

Rais Viva L 100 Classic

Rais Viva L 100 Classic – Side Glass Option in White with White Corian Handle and Clever Air.

Rais VIVA L 100

Rais Viva L 100 in White with Classic Stainless Steel Handle and Manual Air.

Rais Viva L 120 Classic

Rais Viva L 120 Classic in Silver with Stainless Steel Corian Handle and Manual Air.

Rais Viva L 120

Rais Viva L 120 – Side Glass Option in Black with Black Corian Handle and Clever Air.

The Range is available in 2 finishes and has many options to make the stove unique to you and your home.  Steel front or glass front, side glass, top plate, swivel base, 6 colour options; Platinum, Nickel, Mocha, Silver, Black and White, 6 handle options and manual or clever air controls.

What is CleverAir?

A technical finesse ensures that the fire always gets fresh air supply. Then you can simply direct your attention elsewhere. Furthermore, the stove combustion is clean and effective at all times.

First, this is to the benefit of the environment. Second, your finances improve because you get as much heat as possible out of the firewood.

Correct combustion keeps the glass clean so you can always enjoy a nice view of the flame.

Behind the CleverAir name is a story about technical subtleties. In short, a so-called bimetal expands according to the temperature and adjusts the air Clever Air?

With so many options speak to fire BY DESIGN to find the right option for your home.

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