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Have you thought about lighting your stove yet?

Updated: May 15

To be completely honest, I have and to let you all into a little secret, I have actually lit my woodburner already but only once and I have to admit after an hour I was opening doors and windows trying to get the heat out!! It had been a wet and dark day at the County show and I just felt wet through when I got home. So… much to my husband and children’s disgust, I lit our lovely wood burner. Its amazing how the room is dramatically transformed with a dancing flame, shedding light and warmth to the darkest edges of the room.

This week saw the arrival of the brand new Rais brochure. Now you all know I am a huge fan of Rais, the product is fantastic, the company is lovely to work with and there branding in my opinion is spot on. So you can imagine my face when I saw a very familiar picture inside.

IMG_1724 (002).JPG

Back in February I met a lovely Gentlemen who spent a while in the showroom and was very taken with the Rais Stoves. We went through the options and he decided he wanted one with soapstone. So after looking at the Rais Poleo and Rais Rina and ruling them both out as there was not enough soapstone he choice the stunning Rais Juno, that was to be installed in his Garden room which backed onto one of Dorset’s golf courses. With the lovely Cedar cladding on the back wall, glass roof and front, this setting was just perfect for this stove.

We shared this image with Rais who in turn asked if they could use the image in some of there media stuff, I just assumed this would be there Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc but much to our delight have discovered,  it is published in their new brochure and on their website.


If you are interested in a Rais stove, pop by the showroom for a look we now have twelve models on display and two out of the twelve being live, you can really see the beautiful burn available with this product.

New Stove of the Month!


This week sees the launch of a few new products from the lovely chaps down at Arada Ltd.

One of the new additions is a redesign of one of there classics and one of our best sellers.

The all new Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Widescreen offers a bigger view of the fire than anything else in their range that is a 5kW model. Having the benefit of the Arada Flexifuel Grate allowing the flexibility of burning wood and or multi-fuel this is an obvious choice for a customer wanting a good all-rounder, Clean Lines, Contemporary design, available in a selection of colours and a price that won’t break the bank.

If you have any questions about any of our ranges please contact us in the office.

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