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Stuv 30-IN


Discretely built in to the heart of your home.

Restrained in-setting with subtle curves: installed to your requirements, flame and warmth are as one with your interior. Thanks to its three-door system, the Stûv30 three-in-one offers three modes of use. This inset stove enables you to direct hot air as you require, with or without a fan.

The Stûv 30-in insert can be fitted with a telescopic riser up to the ceiling, which guides the hot air and enables hot air grilles to be avoided.

Stuv 30-IN

  • Output 10kW

    607mm W x 2000mm H x 585mm D

    Flue Outlet Size 178mm (7")
    Direct Air YES
    Fuel Type  Wood
    Energy Rating A+
    Approved for Smoke Control Zones (DEFRA) YES


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