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Rais Visio 3



With glass on three sides, the elegant Visio 3 in the middle of your home is stunning yet discreet. You only notice the stove to the extent it enhances the fire. Open the door by simply pushing it up. Smart and convenient. The quiet combustion delivers nice, even warmth. 

Note the high efficiency of 80%.

Now available: simple light concrete blocks that make it extra easy to install the oven and elegantly frame it.


Overall Unit Dimensions - 899mm W x 1606mm H x 615mm D

Glass Viewing Area FRONT - 627mm W x 410mm H

Glass Viewing Area SIDE - 433mm W x 410mm H

Rais Visio 3

  • Output 7kW

    899mm W x 1606mm H x 615mm D

    Flue Outlet Size 200mm (8")
    Direct Air YES
    Fuel Type  Wood
    Energy Rating A
    Approved for Smoke Control Zones (DEFRA) YES


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