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Gazco Riva 2 750HL Gas Fires

Gazco Riva 2 750HL Gas Fires

Designed to fit into standard 36” chimney openings, the Gazco Riva2 750HL is a high efficiency gas fire that features a non-reflective glass front for a flawless open-fire appearance, allowing homeowners to have a crystal clear view of the rolling flames. With no additional flue liner required when installed into an existing masonry chimney, this gas fire is a time and money saving option for many homeowners.


Frame Options


Edge (Frameless) - 797mm W x 713mm H

Verve XS - 1202mm W x 1005mm H x 57mm D

Icon XS - 1117mm W x 1034mm H x 42mm D

Evoke - 1117mm W x 1034mm H x 42mm D

Gazco Riva 2 750HL

  • Output 9.2kW
    Dimensions 801mm W x 875mm H x 343mm D
    Remote Control YES
    Energy Rating CF: C / BF: A
    Natural Gas YES
    LPG / Propane YES
    Conventional Flue YES
    Balanced Flue YES
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