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Chilli Penguin Woody

Chilli Penguin Woody

The Woody (multi fuel)

Woody Eco (Aml Danwydd) Ecodesign


If you have a big space in your life and you want to burn both wood and solid fuel, then this multi fuel version of Woody is the one for you. This stove allows you to reduce emissions and breath cleaner air but to have the choice of the fuel that you choose. Like its eco brother it is generously proportioned, yet slim, efficient, clean burning and quietly, modestly, magnificent.

Chilli Penguin Woody

  • Output 5kW
    Dimensions 565mm W x 584mm H x 317mm D
    Flue Outlet Size 127mm (5")
    Direct Air YES
    Fuel Type  Multifuel
    Energy Rating A+
    Approved for Smoke Control Zones (DEFRA) YES


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