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Chilli Penguin Stock Cube Convector

Chilli Penguin Stock Cube Convector


The Stock Cube Convector



This penguin is the Stock Cube, with side convector panels. As well as making it a convector stove, it makes it wider, with a wider top plate, so effectively a Stock Cube with a little extra muscle. It has all the qualities of the Stock Cube family; strong, simple, efficient, with a beautiful clear view of the fire. It shares the same firebox and performance as all of the stoves in the Stock Cube series. It just very gently, very subtly, very handsomely, asserts its right to take up a little more space in the world.

Chilli Penguin Stock Cube Convector

  • Output 5kW
    Dimensions 555mm W x 583mm H x 405mm D
    Flue Outlet Size 127mm (5")
    Direct Air YES
    Fuel Type  Wood
    Energy Rating A
    Approved for Smoke Control Zones (DEFRA) YES


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