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Chilli Penguin Penguin 7 Convector

Chilli Penguin Penguin 7 Convector


The Penguin 7 convector

Pengwin Saith convector. Ecodesign


This penguin is the Penguin 7, with side convector panels. As well as making it a convector stove, it makes it wider, with a wider top plate, so effectively a Penguin 7 with a little extra muscle.

It has all the qualities of the Penguin 7 family; cool, classic, contemporary with a beautiful clear view of the fire. The generous clear glass window offers you a huge uninterrupted view of the fire and it has the added benefit of taking large logs. It is wood only stove

Chilli Penguin Penguin 7 Convector

  • Output 7kW
    Dimensions 649mm W x 583mm H x 405mm D
    Flue Outlet Size 127mm (5")
    Direct Air YES
    Fuel Type  Wood
    Energy Rating A
    Approved for Smoke Control Zones (DEFRA) YES


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