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What a winter!

Updated: May 15

Gosh it has been an awfully long time since I last updated you all. During busy periods it was agreed with the directors that I would ensure all my customers came first so I had to slow down the blog for a while.

We have seen an industry change up and I am not sure whether this is for the better. In the stove industry it can be very easy to get stuck in your own bubble and know what works and doesn’t’ work in your area, we always find it interesting to chat to other dealers around the country and discover the variations in designs that are doing really well in our showroom and not moving in others and visa versa. Chris recently meet with a few installers and it was clear that the divide is true, not only do we find that visits to manufactures are beneficial to extend our knowledge but also to discuss industry trends, working practices and other day to day dealings of everything stoves.

We always think of ourselves as a small business working from our central Dorset area and are lucky enough to have a considerable area to our selves with very little competition.

As I now come to the anniversary of my 4th year with the company, I have seen many changes not just to our surroundings within the showroom but also to the industry and the standards expected from the governing bodies and also the customer. We have found that some of the stalwart manufacturers that have been contributing to the industry for a long time have now fallen by the way side and we have seen others, that possibly were not huge players in our minds, stand out from the rest with their innovative products and forward thinking.

We deal with many different types of appliances now and at this day have the largest range that I have known any one to have in the south. Having taken on some new big exciting brands over the past year or so and possibly losing one or two along the way, then them in turn bringing out new ranges, with vast changes in the way they are creating products to incorporating Outdoor living appliance and Gas fires we truly do now have something for everyone.

DRU Maestro 105-2 Eco Wave Fire BY DESIGN - Gas Fires Dorset houtset bruin 300 dpi rgb

The big surprise was the uptake of the gas fires and the initial meeting we had with Gazco to discuss Gas coming to the showroom, We all stood around discussing this for weeks with most of us categorically saying no to these imposters into the showroom. We in the end felt like we were placed in the corner and had no real option to incorporate gas to our ranges. Although the decision was taken out of our hands, this was after all a good move. Gazco has gone from strength to strength and the introduction of Dru Fire to the showroom at the end of last year has been a welcome change. The Gas appliances available are stunning and so effective. We have adapted our renewable showroom to become a Dru showroom, as this is still under construction I will post pictures to social media soon.  We have also seen some of our longer standing manufacturers introducing gas and we will soon welcome a Rais Viva L Gas fire to our range too.

I am excited to learn more about these variations, and the possibilities for customers that just can’t have a real log burner, ( don’t worry, I am a wood burner girl at heart and this won’t change )

Chris and I will be heading to Holland in May for some Dru training and I will keep you all updated one new products as and when they arrive.

Thanks all for taking the time to read my blogs, until next time.


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