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Traditional Stoves – Our Top 5

Updated: May 15

The crackle and pop of a real log fire has been a comforting addition to many homes since the beginning of time. They bring light, warmth and wonder into a home.

Here at fire BY DESIGN, we all have our favourites and here is our list of our top 5 traditional wood and Multi-fuel stoves.

5. Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5.

This stove is a staple model in our showroom and is a very popular choice for a wide variety of our customers.

The view of the fire is maximised with a large viewing window. with the ingenious flexfuel grate aloowing for more room within the firebox for fuel and the addition of an ash pan the model can be easily maintained.

With the output being 5Kw this is perfect for most.

4. Piazzetta E905.

This vibrant eye catching stove is an instant talking point when seen in our showroom or on our show trailer.

This Handcrafted Italian stove is a great focal point to any room, with various colours available it can suit most décor!

The Stove has an output of 7.4kW which can be too large for some but, with its eye catching sleek design we couldn’t leave it out the list.

3.Charnwood C5


he Charnwood C-Series is a range of classically styled wood burning stoves that feature one single air control and an integrated outlet for ducting external air.

Offering an exceptionally clean burn with outstanding efficiency and can be fitted with a drop-in multifuel grate for burning solid fuel and an optional store stand to raise the stove off the ground.

The wonderful c5 is a popular option in our showroom.

2. Contura 51L


The Contura 51L  model is ideal for recessing into a fireplace opening. A modern cast-iron stove with clean lines, removable handle and single air-control for practical functionality in a timelessly classic design.

This convection stove is one of our best sellers, incorporating traditional design with modern features.

And our top stove is the…….

1 Chesneys Salisbury 5.


The Salisbury 5 Series wood burning stove is among some of the best for the controllability and look. With its simple design and un hinder view of the flames. the Salisbury 5 is a great addition. If you are looking for a stove that is something special then come and see us and view our live Salisbury (6kw in showroom ) to view the beautiful piece. The colour options are current and the option of brass or silver finishing’s ( furniture ) the stove is perfect for most that see it.

Why not add a stunning g hand crafted stone surround to finish off your installation. and make your room complete. More on this next time.

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