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Time to plan ahead.

Updated: May 15

I always feel that August is a month to start planning for the months ahead. With the summer sun shining bright ( well in most places.. ), everyone around me is having a clear out and a bit of a delayed spring clean. I happened to be off of work for the week recently and found myself clearing out the messy drawer ( everyone has one) in the kitchen and organising the Tupperware so the lids don’t fall out of the cupboard the minute you open it.

I also had my chimney cleaned, ready for another season. August is a great time to get the chimney swept and prepared for another winter season, the sweeps generally aren’t as busy as they will be at the end of September through to at least Christmas and if there are any issues, they can be rectified before we need to start relying on the stove to keep us warm. I know that winter is the last thing you are thinking about when it is 28 degrees outside, but it will be upon us shortly.

At fire BY DESIGN we ensure all or customers are aware that it is fundamentally important to get your chimney swept a minimum of once a year or as advised by your sweep; thus reducing the risk of a chimney fire.

August is also a perfect time to have your stove serviced, most manufactures offer a full list of spare parts and at fire BY DESIGN we are able to come out to service, repair or refurbish stoves within our ranges.

Don’t forget to check your CO ( Carbon Monoxide ) alarm is still functioning and you should be testing fire alarms every week.

New stove of the month!

This month I have chosen the simple Contura 850.

This contemporary wood burning

stove from Contura is a popular choice for all. With its sleek design and shape makes this stove compact and attractive, it is only 36 cm deep and 46 cm wide making it very easy to position, even in small spaces. This would make a lovely warming feature in any room and with large side glass and a big glass door the unhindered view of the fire will brighten even the darkest of rooms.

This is great stove to add to most rooms, we have successfully installed in open plan living spaces, snugs, lounges and kitchens.

Until next time….

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