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Sounds, Scripts and Sonics…..

Updated: May 15

And we are live in 5,4,3,2,1 and your on air!!!

We have had an exciting couple of weeks, we have been busy with the re brand, adverts, marketing etc…. The website is coming on and I am happy to say the new url works!!! check it out now. or

There are still some tweaks to the website to make and we are frantically working on them, just waiting for our tech guys to implement the changes, but I hope you are all finding us ok, and are able to navigate our new site easier than the old one!

The most exciting news happened this week though….. our brand new radio advert is live…. you can hear our fire BY DESIGN ad on Heart Dorset and Smooth Dorset.

Our creative, Woody has been brilliant and came to us and allowed all 4 of us to talk about what we do…. Sarah and I are customer focused, so shared what we feel the customers experience with us, Rich is design so he explained how we can make someones vision a reality and Chris is technical, boy he knows his stuff when it comes to stoves and renewable products. Woody then went away and got to work and presented us with a fantastic script, sonic and sound to go into our new radio ad.

We have chosen to go with fire BY DESIGN for now but if it really take off, we will have another ad soon for the energy BY DESIGN side of the company.

Let us know if you hear us!

Today our trailer arrived back at the showroom, ready for a little make over before our first show of the season, New Forest Show.

We take our trailer of stoves to various shows each year and bring the warmth and goodies too….. although toasting marshmallows when the temperature is already 25 degrees is not always appealing to everyone, it certainly gives us chance to have a chat about what you need!

Our trailer this year will have a new stove, so you will have to come out and see us at one of our events to find out more!

With the launch of a couple of new products from our favourite Danish brand Rais, our showroom will be seeing a change or two aswell. Rais and many other european brands shut down in the summer for a month so we will be seeing the changes in September just in time for the new wood burning season.

New – Stove of the month! 

Each month I will share with you my favourite stoves and this month, I have chosen a stove from the wonderful Charnwood C Series range, the CFour. 


This traditional stove is manufactured in the Isle of Wight, all the parts are British and is a lovely stove to look at. With clean lines this radiant stove is a real winner. Having a 4.9kW output, It is perfect for most standard size rooms, and can fit in with most décor! The solid cast iron door, pre-heated air wash system to keep the glass sparkling, additional log store stand and colour options, there is not a lot to dislike about this stove. Find out more here!

I think this stove could be perfect to add some charm to a snug or living room.

I hope you are all enjoying my posts and don’t forget to follow us on Social media!

Until next time….

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