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Updated: May 15

I was driving into work today and was stopped at some lights, when I took a minute to look around me.

My Journey to work is always quite busy with everyone rushing around getting to where they need to be for the day, dropping the kids at school, out walking the dog etc.

I had to laugh this morning, The same people I had seen just the day before wearing rain jackets and some even in winter type boots, today were in summer outfits and flip-flops.

Ok so maybe clothing isn’t a great way to express what I am trying to say, I went into the local supermarket last week when we had had a run of amazing weather, The meat section that was normally full of chicken and beef, was now just devoted to BBQ foods. Every person I passed had a pack of Burgers and Sausages in their basket ready for the weekend of outside living ahead. I popped to the same store last night it was windy and damp and I walked right past the aisle with the burgers and sausages but their were no takers today. People were carrying Soup and Roasting Joints instead.

What I am trying to say is we are only ever thinking about the moment we are in. The Sun comes out and I instantly think…must get sun cream, The sky turns grey even if it is the middle of June and all I am thinking is fluffy socks and PJ’s as soon as I get home.

I know the weather is fair today and people out there wearing their shorts and flip flops are probably preparing for a lunch in the garden, which is great, I would be there too if I was not at my desk…. but have you had a thought about the inevitable wintery weather that will be upon us before we have chance to get our summer bodies in shape and enjoy a pimms in the garden, I urge you all to plan ahead, I dare you even.

Fire BY DESIGN, are about to launch their summer offer… 10% off your woodburning stove and a free starter pack.

* contact the team for details ** exclusions apply.

Every year the weather starts to turn cooler and our teams are rushing around making sure you all get what you require before it gets too cold.

There are so many reason why it is beneficial to get in early, here’s a few, as the season moves on and we near Christmas the manufactures are starting to feel the urgency but can only make a certain number before they reach capacity, which means that sometimes we can’t get an appliance in time for desired dates. The weather can delay shipping and as some of our appliance come from countries in Europe a lot of snow fall can ground a plane or high winds can stop a ship from crossing. These types of things are completely out of our hands and can cause stress to you and us when trying to meet tight time constraints. Sourcing seasoned/Kiln Dried logs in the depth of winter is a challenge and if you have your appliance installed on the 20th December you won’t have any logs unless you planned ahead well into new year.

Call Today, Book in your survey, receive your quote, advise of a good date for us to carry out the works and then when it gets colder you are ready for it and can light your stove, While Mr James, 2 doors down is sat in the cold awaiting his to arrive wishing he had organised his sooner.

Our Summer offer is a great time to pick up your desired appliance at a reduced price. But if you are looking to save even more, How about one of our Ex Demo Models… Check out our stove sale for details!

Here’s a quick view of what we currently have on offer!

Until Next Time remember preparation is key.

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