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No time to stand still…

Updated: May 15

Summer always means that the jobs are slowly beginning to quiet down and their are a few labourers around able to help with alterations to our displays.

With the imminent arrival of the heating season for another year, we know we need extra help in the showroom to ensure that our service stays the same throughout the busy period. The decision was made to create space for a new desk within our reception area. The location was agreed and work began to take out our Harrie Leenders Fuga El, re-position this upstairs and then move one of the desks from our renewable showroom ( to allow room for an exciting change in there… but you will have to wait for this one! ) into place in the reception area.

The showroom is also having a bit of an update and we are making room for a designated Charnwood area, incorporating some of the old time classics, such as the Cove and Island the ever popular C-Series and we will see the arrival of their new stove the Skye into the showroom shortly.

I sit at my desk today surrounded by dust as one of the guys drills through a block work wall to make an opening for an inset fire. Two new fireplaces have been built and the plasterer is also in.. No time to stand still here everything is constantly moving.

I have been teasing a few images on Instagram with updates on progress.. this is where we are currently….

So if you have recently visited us, or are planning to visit in the next week or so, our huge apologies for the mess, noise and disruption… Sarah and I are trying to keep it tidy, but you know how difficult this can be….

In other news…

We are seeing more and more gas stoves and fires, being launched all the time.

Today we have received news that the popular Aarrow Ecoburn will be launched in gas and will be available in October, I’ll keep you updated on this….

They have also launched the a glass door version of their I-series, which are available now… these will be added to the website over the new few days.

The Launch of the Contura i7 and 300 series is doing well and we are hoping to add one from their range to the showroom display.

We have also expanded our ranges to include Dovre, Lotus and Varde, so now there really is something for everyone!

Visit our website to discover what else is new!

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