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Introducing fire BY DESIGN

Updated: May 15

One dark, wet, miserable day in January, Rich came into my office and said we need to do something about this name. We have worked successfully under the name of Low Carbon Energy Centre for the past 8 years and knew that this is something we had discussed many times as Low Carbon didn’t sound like we had anything to do with Wood / Multi-fuel appliances. We had just come back from the Christmas break and giving Rich free time to think up wondrous ideas is always dangerous, the ideas are never fleeting and you know a new name means new logo, new logo means new signs, workwear, website the list goes on and on! So after much deliberation and discussion, in April we begun the journey to the rebrand.

Hi.. I’m Nikki, I sit front of house here at fire BY DESIGN and am often your first port of call. I will be creating these posts with you to answer any Questions you may have, to give you new product information, to shout about my favourite products and to generally give you a behind the scenes look at what we can do for you.


fire BY DESIGN along with energy BY DESIGN are the new divisions of Low Carbon Energy Centre Ltd and is the place to come if you are considering adding a little character and charm or a bit of a statement to your living space with a new wood / multi-fuel stoves.

Whether you’re intent on saving the planet, cutting your fuel bills or simply just want to stare endlessly into the flames of a crackling log fire we are here to help!

Our friendly team at fire BY DESIGN offer a full service from professional advice and design ideas to supply and installation by our own experienced HETAS engineers.

Being HETAS registered demonstrates that we are competent and can provide tangible benefits and peace of mind. We will issue a certificate at the end of each installation to reassure you that the work has been carried out to the relevant standards.

Working alongside our engineers are a team of highly qualified tradesmen including Bricklayers, Plasterers and Carpenters so you can be assured that any associated works relating to your installation are carried out to exacting standards.

Opening its doors back in June 2009, fire BY DESIGN has expanded rapidly and we are now proud to say that we offer the most extensive range of stoves brands on the South Coast!

At our unique showroom in Wimborne we have over 60 display models including Wood / Multi-fuel Stoves along with Gas and Electric Fires. We also host a good selection of hearths and surrounds along with fire irons and log baskets to help inspire you to create that perfect fireplace setting.

Visit us and follow us to find out more.

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