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Ferries, Fires, Food and…. Kayaks…..!

Updated: May 15

Now things are beginning to start to settle down slightly, I have the time to tell you about our little adventure across the water.

For the many brands that we are dealers for, from time to time we are offered to go to training days and dealer events.

In the past we have visited Rais in Denmark, Stuv in Belgium, Piazzetta in Italy, Arada and Stovax in Devon and our most recent visit was to Charnwood in the Isle of Wight.

So heading out on a Thursday morning, I made my way over to Sarah’s house to swap cars and head to the ferry terminal in Southampton. After arriving late at Sarah’s ( completely under estimated school traffic in Bournemouth), and discovering she was having car problems, we put our cases in my car and were off.

Arriving at Southampton and ready to catch our ferry we stopped for a quick coffee and then we were guided onto the ferry by the most exuberant chap I have ever seen, He was guiding the vehicles and almost giving a bow to each when sending us on our way ( If you have travelled or will be traveling Red Funnel to the Isle of Wight this summer, look out for him, he will brighten your day!!)

After a short journey, around 50minutes we were back in the car and heading to Charnwood HQ. Where the afternoon was to be spent, in training, seminars, new product info and factory tours. But not before stopping for an Ice Cream first! New product training can be rather intense, But the day was planned so well that there were plenty of opportunities to get your head around the information, grab a drink and clear your head before the next seminar!

The Launch of SKYE was their big new product release this year following on from the launch of the ARC last year!


The Charnwood Skye comes with an optional Log Store. It is a 5kW stove that has a simple design. With new technology making this product SIA eco ready ( see previous post about this ) . This is a great competitor for todays market.

After we had all got to grips with the way Charnwood wish to market there products and went through how all was made, it was then time to head to the hotel for dinner.

We were to stay at the stunning Royal Hotel in Ventnor and once I had managed to navigate the roads we were heading for the South East Coast.

The Royal was absolutely delightful, the rooms were lovely the facilities were exceptional, even if we didn’t have time to use the Spa! Check out the Royal here!

After a quick change we were then headed down to dinner. The Food was exquisite and the entertainment was far better than I had imagined – Look up the Three waiters, definitely worth a look if you have a function coming up! The Three Waiters.

The discussion for the evening was mainly stove talk with the table establishing each others business location, How many staff they had, Dare I say the other brands they have, It is always a great way to share horror stories and successes!

I have to say that Sarah and I were well behaved and were in bed by 11 when there was definitely a lot of noise coming from the bar until the early hours of Friday morning, and those that partied the night away were very evident at breakfast the following morning. I was feeling rather smug with my yogurt and muesli as we had managed to go for a run at 7am while everyone one else were nursing their heads.  After breakfast it was then time to head out on our chosen activities. Much to Sarah’s dismay I had selected for us to partake in a little kayaking!

I hadn’t Kayaked for a number of years and thought it would be a good way to spend an hour, we were assured wet suits were provided but discovered that was not the case soon after arriving at Ventnor Bay. We were greeted by Adventure Activities who were ready,  for us now not being so keen, with Paddles and Helmets. With a gentle start we made our way out in tandem kayaks and we sussed that slow and steady wins the race ( also stops you from falling in)!

Once the fun on the water had ended it was time for a quick lunch and presentations. Although we did not win a Black Dog like our friends at Morley Stoves & Bonk & Co we were able to share their delight in succeeding for another year. The Gold Dog.. Most Sales of Charnwood Stoves over all of UK went to Bonk & Co who are based up in Scotland!

By the time we were able to get away and get the ferry home we were feeling thoroughly shattered but had a new found respect for the Charnwood Brand… The Family Run Business, is one of the most welcoming brands, they have a wonderful product and with the added bonus of their sister company Vlaze  – More on that next time… they have a product I am definitely happy to endorse!

Thanks Charnwood Stoves for having us.

For more information on Charnwood Stoves – Contact us today!

Until Next Time.

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