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Feeling the Chill…

Updated: May 15

Over the last week or so the weather has definitely taken a chiller turn, with the winds coming from the north the chill is certainly beginning to bit.

Here in the showroom it is toasty and warm, we have a large variety of stoves that we are able to light to keep all the staff and customers warm.


In the wood burning showroom at fireBYDESIGN Sarah and me, have 8 live stoves that we can fire, but don’t worry we won’t light them all at once. This morning was a really cold one and I was so pleased when I walked in and found that Sarah had lit one of the biggest stoves in the showroom the Harrie Leenders Fuga El.. This one is stunning and keeps us toasty on those really cold days. What do you think?

A few doors down in the EnergyBYDESIGN showroom the team are kept warm by the Biomass Klover Smart 120 Boiler/Cooker, this runs all the hot water and rads in the building and warms the showroom nicely. Please visit our Energy BYDESIGN page on our website to discover more about green energy and how to reduce your carbon footprint.

Now that the chill has set in, we have found that our showroom has more visitors throughout the day and they all want one thing, a wood burner installed in time for Christmas. With our slots filling up the window getting narrower although there is still time to get your in, you may be limited on choice as some suppliers are unable to meet the tight deadlines.

Our teams out on site are working hard ensuring that all work is completed to the highest quality and that your installation is ready to keep you warm throughout the chilliest months.

This year we have seen the real star of a stove being the delightful Chesneys Salisbury 5, this has found its place within our showroom and has quickly become the most popular option for a Traditional yet with a modern look, convection stove.

Visit us at fireBYDESIGN for more info on how to get this stove installed before Christmas.

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